History and Program Overview

LoLa Dixie April 9 2016PAH's Vision: To provide a stable, nature based environment for rescued equines to regain strength, hope and trust through compassion, encouragement and care.

Peaceful Acres Horses (PAH), is a sanctuary for formerly at-risk and slaughter-bound equines.  A not-for-profit organization located on 156 pristine acres in rural Schenectady County in upstate New York. PAH was founded in 2003 and incorporated in 2007, with 501(c)3 status achieved in March 2009.

At the sanctuary, rescued and retired horses are cared for and rehabilitated by PAH Volunteer CareGivers. PAH CareGivers are special people who are committed to offering their time, compassion and funding support to assist with restoration and sanctuary living.

CHW Mae and Cody with Carol and Ruth Oct 10 2015

Mission: Peaceful Acres Horses is an Authentic - Compassionate - Healing Sanctuary for formerly at-risk and slaughter-bound equines.

Suzie Q help a horse dayPAH provides a natural environment for people to become CareGivers to rescued, at-risk and neglected equines. These CareGivers become the people who restore the horses, donkeys and ponies physically and emotionally. The CareGivers are offered an environment unlike most boarding facilities or riding academies, where each CareGiver’s intention is to give back to the equine to provide for them an improved quality of life. The reward to the CarGivers is a peaceful environment where people of like intention work together to help save and restore the lives of American Equines.

Mission for Equine Rescue and Retirement is to offer rehabilitation, re-homing and retirement sanctuary to horses ( equines) who have been a product of animal cruelty, saved from the slaughter-pipeline, or companion horses who are unable to be placed or sold to forever homes. PAH provides or facilitates placement in forever homes to all breeds of horses.

PAH is proud to be a Horse Hugs Field-trip destination for youth groups, schools, veterans, seniors and other groups who are looking to enjoy some good old fashioned time in nature with the rescued horses and donkeys. All Field-trip participants enjoy time with the animals and also a picnic lunch at the sanctuary.

To learn more about the organization or to schedule a tour or learn how you can become a volunteer PAH Caregiver, please contact nanci@peacefulacreshorses.com.