Apollo has become one of our PAH Team Favorites!

BUT... he deserves his Forever Person!

Apollo came to PAH from CSS after being sold at their sale and being returned, this happens sometimes... very sad! He fell into the #10 Feed Lot Pen...aka...slaughter pipeline!

PAH received a call saying this horse was amazing, needed some TLC, but was an accomplished riding horse and also had the looks to steal your heart!

Once at PAH he needed TLC for sure, but he was always sweet and accepting.

Apollo will be a wonderful Forever Horse to someone who wants a companion, easy to work with and do some light riding. His show ring days are over, no jumping and no acrobatics! lol! He will also require a qualified farrier in his life, he is barefoot now and doing well.

Apollo gets along well with his herd of geldings and mares. He is non aggressive toward other horses. Apollo is said to be a Warmblood and is about 16 h. He's a big boy!

When he sees our volunteers, he is one of the first to the gate to get some love!

To inquire about adoption please email Nanci@peacefulacreshorses.com. Please no Facebook messages, phone calls or drop bys.

Forever Guardians please apply

Rescue Works Together at Peaceful Acres Horses and so does Adoption.

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