• Listing to the horses – It All Makes Perfect Heart Sense (8/31/2015)

    Horses are authentic beings. Listening to messages from a horse requires us to open our hearts, it is then that our heart "becomes open" to feel and become healed. Your very own heart will begin to fill with inspiration, the hope of possibility and peace!

    People often cloud this process, making it complicated, because we often attempt to "comprehend" by  filtering the message felt through our heart, through the brain. This places too much thought into the message the horse is passing on to it's person's heart.

    Our past experiences, our current life situations, our thoughts and expectations and whatever opinions we have about life, become blocks that restrict our intuitive self, the "heart self".

    Horses do not use "filtering". They respond and also act upon their intuition and instinct. It is their intuition and actions toward us, if we are open to it, that opens our own intuition and "hearts to hear".

    The horse has made a choice being fully present with you, to not use it's "flight instinct" to leave you. It has entered into an intuitive conversation with you and through that conversation, as the horse begins to sense, "You Got It", he or she will give you yet another message. This message may be through simply walking away, a nudge with his or her head, a firm and stable standing still, an opening to give and receive a hug or perhaps a vocalization that speaks to your heart as confirmation, that you have been given this beautiful intuitive gift from the horse.

    Horse Sense comes from the heart of the horse to the heart of the person. It is through those messages, your heart becomes free to feel and your mind finds stillness and peace.