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Sassy is a Senior Resident at Peaceful Acres Horses. She was saved as a Senior Camp Pony from the slaughter pipeline by PAH in 2005! Sassy is a beautiful Senior who deserves her very own Feed Partner and Care Sponsor. Please consider becoming her fiscal sponsor. Sassy is beautiful, still sassy...and still very sound and playful with her...
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June is an adult Jenny Donkey who was saved from the slaughter pipeline. Upon meeting June, we knew she was a very special soul! But June had not had proper care in her past, her hooves were not only over grown, she had had laminitis causing pain and suffering. June also arrived with pneumonia, typical of many...
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Allie was saved from neglect and starvation on 2012. Over the years at Peaceful Acres Horses she is thriving, but she still does not have a Champion of her own to help sponsor her care. Please consider becoming a sponsor to Allie and help PAH to keep her happy, healthy and sound. Network For Good contributions are...
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