This is why Peaceful Acres Horses exists - it is to give a bit of extra time to at-risk and slaughter bound equines.

The time PAH has with them could be weeks, months, years or forever. To PAH, it does not matter how long the calling, what matters is we answer the call!

Allie before and after

Allie was rescued from neglect in March 2012, this wonderful Belgian Draft horse is recovering from neglect, thanks to the care given at Peaceful Acres Horses. Your generous donation can help her and others as they recover, rehabilitate and learn that Life Is Good!


Peaceful Acres Horses Needs You, Because Rescued Horses Call Peaceful Acres Horses Home!

By becoming a PAH Champion Contributor, you are helping to sustain the lives of horses who have surpassed neglect, abuse or homelessness.

Your generosity provides for feed, care, veterinay treatment and stabling for the horses in sanctuary at PAH.

Horse Champion $5000 ~ annually
Veterinary Champion $390 ~ annually
Feed Partner $42 monthly
Feed-Farrier-Veterinary Sponsor $95 ~ monthly
PAH Friend $25 ~ monthly
PAH Individual Horse Buddy $245 ~ monthly
* please learn about the Horse Buddy of Your Own Program, this may be an ideal program for you.

Please be sure to chose if you wish for your charitable gift to be an annual, monthly or one time contribution.

Thank you for your support of Peaceful Acres Horses' rescues!