Festus is a resident at PAH, he seems to be a bit famous here at the sanctuary! Team PAH met Festus in a kill-pen in 2015, where he waited for a forever person to save him, but no one came, so PAH stepped in and saved him. He was a stallion - jack donkey, but was still kind and lets say quiet.... that was until he came to PAH, and his voice could be heard for miles! Festus was gelded and became a very special guy here that everyone came to love. The day came that he was adopted, to a wonderful home, really spectacular! But after 2 weeks, Festus was showing he was not happy, he was acting out, and his new adoptive mom, thought it best if he returned to his herd and PAH family. So now Festus is back at the sanctuary and even has a Facebook page of his own! If you have it in your heart to become a sponsor or Feed Partner to Festus, he and PAH sure would appreciate your generosity and compassion.

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PAH Mailing address: 3740 Rynex Corners Rd. Pattersonville, NY 12137

PAH is a 501 c 3 charitable organization: EIN 26 221 9064

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