Founder’s Story

Nanci and Strawberry Metroland Dec. 2014

Mission: Peaceful Acres Horses is an Authentic - Compassionate - Healing Community for People and Horses!

Peaceful Acres Horses (PAH), a “Sanctuary for People and Horses,” a not-for-profit organization located on 156 pristine acres in rural Schenectady County in upstate New York. PAH was founded in 2003 and incorporated in 2007, with 501(c)3 status achieved in March 2009.

Nanci and Bella mini by Mutt Shots June 2016.gifNanci Beyerl moved to the farm in 2002 where she had high hopes of being able to help at-risk and retired horses and donkeys, so they could have a long and healthy life. She rallied several friends who also had "the horse bug", and together they began rescuing and rehabilitating at-risk and slaughter bound horses.

Over time more and more "care givers" came and Buddies to the horses were soon created. Many of those initial

"Buddy - Friendships" have turned into successful adoptions. As Nanci watched this all unfold, she noticed more and more adults coming to become volunteers, "Buddies", care-givers. They were mostly women who were between the ages of 30 - 60 who always loved horses, wanted a horse or who had had a horse at one time, but never lost their wish and desire to be with horses.

Nanci at SBA by T.R Laz

These care-givers are the people who now are Team PAH and the people who not only have found their dream to be with horses again, but have also found a sanctuary that fits their needs as a peaceful, quiet place to enjoy time with the rescues and also like minded - compassionate people.

At the sanctuary volunteers, care-givers and the rescued and retired horses welcome guests through field-trips and day-long rejuvenation retreats to learn about the special character of horses and donkeys.  Guests are able to experience the animals in fun and interactive activities, where often times guests feel empowered and peaceful. Learning about the rescued equines and being offered a 'Horse Hug" has become sort of a destination location for groups of all ages!

Nanci has not forgotten what brought her to the farm to begin with. Still to this day, 13 years after she first stepped foot on the land with her mom, Nanci shares time daily with the rescued horses, and her original four horses now in their 20s, to find balance, peace and creativity for the programs at Peaceful Acres Horses and yes, lots of Horse Hugs!


The phrase "Stability is found in a stable place" is one Nanci felt and found herself.  Now, the sanctuary and the team at Peaceful Acres Horses help others to do the same, feel stability and peace, at a beautiful farm in Pattersonville, NY, known to many simply as PAH ( People and Horses).

Peaceful Acres is located on 156 acres in Schenectady County, Town of Pattersonville, New York, approximately 35 minutes from Albany and Saratoga Springs. The farm sits in a picturesque area surrounded by pastures and mountains. The name says it all; when you're at Peaceful Acres the pressures of life just seem to slip away.