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Peaceful Acres Horses is proud to be hosting 4 days of Horsing Around events as part of The ASPCA's Help A Horse Day education, awareness and advocacy for at-risk and rescued horses April 23rd-26th 2016.

We hope you will join us at PAH to learn more about the organization, meet our amazing rescues and also enjoy some very special programs.

Saturday April 23rd: Match-Making Clinic - open to 12 people interested in adopting a PAH horse or pony. Successful horse ownership and having years of wonderful times with your horse, begins with The Perfect Match-Making. This clinic is offered by Susan Kayne ( Producer of Real Horse Rescues). This is an interactive, hands on, halters on clinic open to only 12 participants.

PAH works with a network of national advocates to both rescue and also place into forever homes, slaughter-bound horses and donkeys. With a focus on creating best practices, PAH is implementing a program that debut as part of Help A Horse Day in collaboration with The ASPCA, the program offers adoption - engagement clinics on site at the sanctuary that assist with improving adoption standards, networking, education, training and also sponsorships of resident equines in the care of PAH.

PAH found it necessary in 2015 to enhance its adoption program after saving 46 horses and donkeys from the slaughter-pipeline over a period of 9 months. The horses and donkeys came to PAH from New Holland PA, Sugarcreek OH and Cranbury NJ. The majority of the horses were in very good health and body condition and also trained to some level. The horses did not fit PAH’s “Resident Sanctuary” program, therefore implementing a training based program for improved “match-making” was needed.

Susan Kayne, the producer of Real Horse Rescues, a TV program that features Equine Welfare Organizations primarily in NY State, approached PAH about a clinic curriculum that she had designed. The clinics help to inspire people to adopt horses and also gives them needed training and support to assist with forming a well matched, forever adoption. Susan’s curriculum fit the needs and mission of PAH and has been added to our programs.

The curriculum is being implemented as a monthly clinic program offered to people interested in adopting from PAH and also sponsors of PAH resident equines. The clinics will also extend as a supportive program for people to better develop their equine handling skills and improved relationships with their adopted equine. By offering a continuing supportive environment for adopters and their horses, PAH also believes the adoptions formed will be more successful than non-supported adoptions and will reduce the number of failed-adoptions, or horses being returned to the sanctuary.

Champion Sponsors of The Adoption Engagement and Match-making Clinics at PAH, include:

  • The Swyer Family Foundation

To learn more about adopting at PAH, our Engagement and Match-making Clinics or to become a sponsor, please contact

Help A Horse Day tours and visit with PAH's rescues

Sunday April 24th was Help A Horse Day in collaboration with The ASPCA ~ PAH's Horsing Around Open House Day offered interactive tours for our guests with the rescues. Guests learned more about PAH's mission to save and restore at-risk and slaughter-bound equines, and also learned how they can become involved as a PAH Caregiver and or contributor. Tours offered guests a chance to mingle with the horses and donkeys and also meet the PAH Team of Caregivers who makes restoration possible.

This day was made possible through PAH's Champion Sponsor - Bailey Trucking in IN, Thank you Cindy!

Help A Horse Day Horse Hugs at PAH