June is an adult Jenny Donkey who was saved from the slaughter pipeline.

Upon meeting June, we knew she was a very special soul! But June had not had proper care in her past, her hooves were not only over grown, she had had laminitis causing pain and suffering.

June also arrived with pneumonia, typical of many equines, especially donkeys in the slaughter pipeline.

June is now receiving care at Peaceful Acres Horses through Rood and Riddle in Saratoga Springs and her awesome farrier, Rachel.

For now, PAH is saying June is a PAH resident with special needs.

Perhaps you would like to become June's Care Sponsor or sponsor her care for the next year as a resident at Peaceful Acres Horses.

Network For Good contributions are greatly appreciated or you may choose to mail a gift to June's Care to 3740 Rynex Corners Rd Pattersonville NY 12137.

Thank you for your encouragement, generosity and compassion!

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