PAH Buddy – Caregiver Program

DonateNowThis is a program for you, if you are someone who has always had a love, passion and compassion for horses, yet your days of being a horse owner, Guardian, are either past or never came to be your reality.

CHW 78 and 79 Jesse and Milo aka Big Red Oct 29 2015As a rescue sanctuary and forever home to many formerly at-risk and slaughter-bound equines, Peaceful Acres Horses has come to learn how valuable our Caregiver-volunteers are. We also see day after day how valuable their relationships are mutually, with the horses that they care for.

Over the years, men and women have told stories about being a child and always wanting a horse of their own, but never having the opportunity for that to become their reality.

Now as adults, their kids are grown and they have financial stability, they want to bring horses back into their lives. But they have busy lives and owning a horse is still not their reality. These are people who want to call a horse “their own”, but not have the complete emotional, financial and structural responsibility of owning a horse. These are people who want to visit in a supportive environment to care for their Buddy Horse and learn new skills to be a better Buddy to their horse. These are people who know that by being in the horse’s life, it is better for the horse and actually better for them also. It is the person who values “Horse Hugs”, a walk in the sanctuary and a clean stall too.

2015121695130355This program, is for the person, maybe you, who just wants to be in a stable place and hear the sounds of horses, feel the energy of the horses and smell the smells that all horse lovers know is like a magic potent of peace, love and compassion.

If you wish to become a PAH Buddy, you will be a regular weekly volunteer, aka Caregiver, you will make a fiscal commitment to your Buddy Horse monthly to help with his or her care, you will share personal time weekly with your Buddy that benefits both you and your Buddy in showing friendship, respect and care.

PAH’s Buddy program is not a riding based program, it is rather a friendship program that allows horses to become the person’s reality, that they can actually have a “horse of their own”.

If you wish to become a PAH Buddy, please contact Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Director at . You will begin as a caregiver and meet the horses who need a special friend, and one horse will speak to your heart to choose them. This will become your Buddy Match.

CHW Safe 219 220 Oct 10 2015Special Natural Horsemanship classes, Engagement and Matchmaking Clinics are available for Buddies to aid in the development of your relationship with your sponsored Buddy horse.

Buddies commit to one volunteer time a week to help care for the rescued herd ( 3 hours or so), they also spend special time just with their Buddy during PAH “open hours”. The more time you can share with your Buddy Horse, the better for you both!

Buddies contribute $245 per month toward their Buddy’s care. Your contribution as a Buddy is tax-deductible and assists PAH to purchase feed, veterinary care and farrier trims for that horse.

If the Buddy program works out well for you and your Buddy Horse, who knows, maybe you will become his or her adoptive Guardian! There is the Horse Having a Human Dream, Come True for PAH!

* Donations may be mailed to 3740 Rynex Corners Rd. Pattersonville, NY 12137 or may be done on PAH's site at

Suzie Q

These photos are of the beautiful Suzie Q

Suzie Q Before, February in the "pen" and after saving and restoration, April at PAH