The Senior Horses

This is why Peaceful Acres Horses exists - it is to give a bit of extra time to at-risk and slaughter bound equines.

The time PAH has with them could be weeks, months, years or forever. To PAH, it does not matter how long the calling, what matters is we answer the call!

amiritiHelp Support A Resident Senior Horse

When horses and donkeys come into the care of Peaceful Acres Horses, the organization and all the people who provide for them make a life-long commitment and promise to them. The promise is for them to never feel hunger again and  never to go without veterinary care or hoof trimming.  The commitment to them is to love them, until death does us part, or if a new Guardian comes their way to give them a new home and a new family.

These promises and commitments certainly require a strong work ethic and a facility that can care for the individual needs of each rescue. Thanks to our very committed and qualified volunteers, everyday in sanctuary is a day the horses and donkeys know they are loved and respected!

ikeWhat they also require are the feed, supplies and medical team to properly care for their health needs. This is where you, a person who is thinking about becoming a contributor to PAH can truly help in sustaining the life of a rescued resident.

By becoming a Feed Partner, Farrier Sponsor, Veterinary Sponsor, Buddy or Champion, you are literally putting hay in the hay net, trims to their hooves and veterinary care to protect them and keep them strong and healthy.

It is easy to contribute to a particular horse's needs. Just choose the Senior Resident Horse or Donkey that has stolen your heart and then choose the level of support that best fits your charitable giving.

PAH is a forever home to the majority of the rescues now in residence. We are committed to them for life, and can uphold that commitment through the generosity and compassion of our volunteers and contributors.

Thank you for your gift of sustaining the life of a rescued horse or donkey at PAH!

DonateNowTo learn more about a particular horse or donkey, please email Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director at