Why Become A Feed Partner?

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hay truck

Here comes that hay truck again.....


And look what it is bringing....
8.62 tons of fresh hay! YES... 8.62 tons!
How many deliveries do we need, you ask?
Well, PAH goes through about 22 bales a day... and we need this truck to pull into PAH about 8 times a year!
What does this mean in dollars and cents?
It means PAH needs to raise approximately $16,000 just for square bales every year!

bale hand

But wait... there is more.... Peaceful Acres Horses also serves Round Bales in our pastures for breakfast, lunch and dinner....

horse 2

And how many of those are served a week?
PAH serves up 10 round bales a week from September - June using about 400 round bales a year!
What does this mean in dollars and cents?
About $22,000 in round bale funding is needed annually!

round bales

So by now we hope you get the picture....
Peaceful Acres Horses feeds a ton...well several tons of hay every year, and we do so through the generosity of our Feed Partners and Champion Sponsors. With your support the rescued horses and donkeys at Peaceful Acres Horses always have full bellies and never feel hunger again! Your purpose is GREAT! You are life savers and sustainers to the horses who call PAH home sweet home!

If you are able to give, now is the time of year we need you most, so we can fill our barns with the hay that the farmers are cutting now. Proceeds from our purchases not only benefit the rescues at PAH, they also help local farmers who rely on the sale of their hay to put food on their own tables.

PAH now uses Network For Good as a safe and secure way to make online charitable gifts. Here is the link if you choose to use it today: http://www.peacefulacreshorses.com/donate

If making a contribution on line is not your choice, perhaps you will become a Feed Partner or Champion by mailing your contribution to 3740 Rynex Corners Rd. Pattersonville, NY 12137

If sponsoring only a couple bales is what is in your budget, that is an option too! For only $10 you can purchase 2 bales of hay for the rescues!


Why become a Feed Partner at PAH?
Because life is good through giving a meal to a rescued horse!
Ideas for giving amounts: Just a little guide to what your charitable contribution purchases
Feed Partners give $42 a month or $500 a year
A Round Bale costs $55
A Square Bale costs $5
A truck load of square bales costs $2000
A truck load of round bales costs $1,000


Thank you for your support, compassion and generosity from all of us at Peaceful Acres Horses!

BTW... if you have not visited us in a while, or if you have never met the rescued herd or seen the sanctuary, please contact Nanci Beyerl - Founder and Executive Director to schedule your tour and time well spent with the rescues.


.....we leave you with this adorable photo of two of the babies PAH rescued in 2014, Strawberry and Rhiannon. Thank you donors for helping us to save their lives!


Feed Partners With Their Horses