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Welcome to Peaceful Acres Horses

Peaceful Acres Horses is hosting rejuvenation retreat days

Rejuvenation Retreat Aug 22 2015 at PAH top

Being diagnosed with cancer creates several challenges for the individual, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually, just to name a few. Regaining ones strength and hope and reducing fears after treatment is difficult. Regaining your bearings and adjusting to life as a Thriver can be even harder.

This is where the importance of Rejuvenation Retreats can be up-lifting, encouraging and place hope back where fear had been taking up space.

"I often wondered how someone has the strength and courage to handle cancer. Then I was diagnosed with cancer, and I found my "Emotional Courage". I was once a volunteer at the PAH Rejuvenation Retreats, I am now a Thriving Participant and volunteer" ~ Carol

Peaceful Acres Horses is committed to the restoration of hope and building "Emotional Courage" for women after being diagnosed with a cancer diagnosis.

These special Rejuvenation Retreats offer women the comfort of being with others, who have understanding and empathy for the life changes that have taken place once they were diagnosed with cancer.

Restorative Healing In The Beautiful Countryside

Since 2010 PAH has been serving women who are surpassing a cancer diagnosis by offering restorative retreats. The Rejuvenation Retreats offer time in nature, yoga and meditation classes, equine guided sessions, "Emotional Courage" found through the energy of a horse, Reiki, Chakra classes, delicious food and wonderful empathy and inspiration from other Thrivers.

The Rejuvenation Retreats are open from May - October and serve up to 15 participants per retreat.

Pattersonville is 30 minutes from Albany, 10 minutes from Schenectady and 40 minutes from Saratoga Springs. The sanctuary is 4 miles off the NY State ThruWay, exit 26.

Rejuvenation Retreats are well worth the drive from anywhere!

Become a ribbon sponsor

If you would like to become a Ribbon Sponsor,  a contribution of $65, we are dedicating this Legacy Charitable Giving opportunity this month in the name of Christine. It will offer funding support to women who are unable to afford The PAH Rejuvenation Retreat Tuition.

Each month a friend or family member nominates their Angel to be the Ribbon Angel at PAH.  Please email  to have your loved one become a PAH Ribbon Angel

Bottle Can Drive for Hay

People Hydrate = Hay For Our Horses!

There is no need to count out your bottles and cans anymore!

You can simply bring yours and even collect them from your workplace, friends and family and bring them to Creating Change Redemption Center LLC on Saratoga Rd in Glenville.

The owners of Creating Change Redemption Center support Peaceful Acres Horses' mission to provide sanctuary to horses who were previously at-risk. They know how important it is for horses to have love, care and long term care.

For every 100 bottles / cans returned, PAH will be able to purchase one bale of hay.

It seems like a lot... but one local organization did this last year and raised over $100,000! ( now that is a lot of feed funding!)

You can also bring your bottles and cans to PAH and one of our awesome volunteers,Ed, will be bringing them to Creating Change for us.
Our awesome PAH volunteers will even come to your office or "collection location" and pick them up, so you do not need to drive to Creating Change in Glenville!

Our Goal:
100,000 Bottle and Cans!
We can do this!

This Fundraiser begins June 22nd and will end September 1st.

We hope you stay well hydrated this summer, so our horses stay well fed!

Thank you for your support of Peaceful Acres Horses!

Fun - Friday Field Trips

It's Fun and It's Free!

Friday's from May - September Peaceful Acres Horses opens it's stable gates for field trips to schools, organizations who serve people who are "in-need", veteran's groups and churches who wish to spend some time at the sanctuary and interacting with the horses and donkeys.
Join us at PAH for two hours where your group will have time to enjoy a picnic lunch and time to meet and interact with the horses and donkeys.
Please contact Nanci Beyerl, Founder & Executive Director to schedule your group's field trip to PAH.
518-887-3178 - office phone




Peaceful Acres Horses' Feed Partners Fundraiser

PAH Feed Partner Fundraiser

Please consider becoming a PAH Feed Partner Today. Your $42 a month gift, makes it possible for PAH to purchase nutritious- fresh hay and grain for the rescues in sanctuary at Peaceful Acres Horses


Photo Gallery

Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director of PAH

Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director of PAH has been named A Capital Hero by Capital Bank and Channel 10. Nanci was nominated by a parent whose child was served at Peaceful Acres Horses