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PAH Residents in need of sponsorship!

Now is the time to get your 2017 PAH Horse Hugs Calendar

Peaceful Acres 2017 CALENDAR FRONT COVER (1)There are 2 ways to get your calendar:

  • Become a PAH Feed Partner or Sponsor and we will send you a Horse Hugs Calendar as a way of saying thank you every month for your generosity!
  • You may use PAH's PayPal and make a contribution of $25 or more and we will mail a calendar right to your home as a thank you for giving.

The Calendar Sales Support The Veterinary and Feed Funds at PAH


Thank you for your support of PAH!


Adoptable Horses, Minis, and Ponies


PAH's Rescue's Care Club Membership

2016 is the year to join the PAH's Rescue's Care Club! The PAH Rescue's Care Club is a group of compassionate and generous people who follow PAH and are heartfelt for the rescue and restoration work we do at the sanctuary.

As a member of the Rescue's Care Club, you will be part of a closed group on Facebook ( if you desire) and also email news letters that are designed to offer advocacy support and also educational updates about the state of affairs for American Equines. You will also receive discounts to special events at The Sanctuary, like PAH's Birthday Bash - Rockin For Rescues concert in June, celebrating our 7th birthday as a equine rescue organization.

As a Rescue's Care Club member you are also invited to "reserve" our facility's yurts and pavillion for your special events, plan your anniversary, birthday party or special day with us.

By joining the Rescue's Care Club, you are contributing $25 (or more) per month toward the care of the rescues in residence at PAH. Your funding support assists PAH to purchase feed, medical care and immunizations, farrier trims and stable needs to the rescues who call PAH Home Sweet Stable Home. Your contribution of $300 annually, $25 monthly is a charitable, tax deductible contribution. *Feed Partners and Champions are also members of PAH's Rescue's Care Club.

Thank you for your compassionate heart and generosity for at-risk and slaughter-bound equines. Together we really do make sure many are Safe, Sound, Saved and Re-named!

To Join PAH's Rescue's Care Club you may use Network For Good at Or if you prefer to use bill-pay or a written check, PAH's address is 3740 Rynex Corners Rd. Pattersonville, NY 12137

Thank you for your continued support of equine rescue and restoration at PAH

We look forward to seeing you at The Sanctuary and getting to know you better on our Care Club group page.


Hay for our horses!

Hay - by SueTo a horse or donkey who once was hungry, having fresh hay and a full belly is a dream come true. At Peaceful Acres Horses the rescued residents never feel hunger pains again, thanks to the generosity and compassion of people like YOU!

Peaceful Acres Horses purchases hay by the ton, and each tractor trailer load of hay weighs nearly 8 tons and costs $2500! This hay will last about 3 months, feeding breakfast, lunch and dinner to the rescues in our care. Will you please help us to purchase 2 tractor trailer loads of hay by making a contribution that not only will help PAH to fill the bellies of the rescued horses and donkeys, it will also put money into the wallets of local NY State farmers!

It's easy to help ~ Your contribution of $25 will purchase 4 bales of hay! Round it up to $100 and your contribution will purchase 16 bales - now that equals a bunch of meals for the rescues! Thank you for helping us to help the rescues to always feel full, happy and healthy!

Click here to donate!

Thank you for your support of Peaceful Acres Horses!

Hay and Drafts Aug 2015

Horse Hugs Field Trips

Horse Hugs is open from April - October at Peaceful Acres Horses. The sanctuary opens it's stable gates for field trips to schools, npo organizations, youth groups, veteran's groups and other's looking to have a day at a "Stable Place". People come to the rescue sanctuary and meet our spectacular rescues, learn more about equine care and restoration and spend some interactive time with the horses and donkeys.
There is even time and great places to enjoy a picnic lunch!

Please contact Nanci Beyerl, Founder & Executive Director to schedule your group's field trip to PAH.
518-887-3178 - office phone


IMG_20160608_091602076Meet Ava and Frankie who were saved from the Slaughter Pipeline on June 7th. They are two minis who were at risk of slaughter due to over breeding and non committed ownership. Ava and Frankie are now in the care of Peaceful Acres Horses.

To learn more about Ava and Frankie, or support their care, please consider making a charitable contribution, and email to learn more about these precious minis.
Thank you for your support of formerly slaughter pipeline horses.

Ava and Frankie find their Loving Forever Family with Sandy and Randy in NY

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Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director of PAH

Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director of PAH has been named A Capital Hero by Capital Bank and Channel 10. Nanci was nominated by a parent whose child was served at Peaceful Acres Horses