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PAH Residents in need of sponsorship!

Peaceful Acres Horses rejuvenation retreat days

Being diagnosed with cancer creates several challenges for the individual, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually, just to name a few. Regaining ones strength and hope and reducing fears after treatment is difficult. Regaining your bearings and adjusting to life as a Thriver can be even harder.

This is where the importance of Rejuvenation Retreats can be up-lifting, encouraging and place hope back where fear had been taking up space.

Peaceful Acres Horses is committed to the restoration of hope and building "Emotional Courage" for women after being diagnosed with a cancer diagnosis.

These special Rejuvenation Retreats offer women the comfort of being with others, who have understanding and empathy for the life changes that have taken place once they were diagnosed with cancer.

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Adoptable Horses, Minis, and Ponies


PAH has launched a Fundraiser for Veterinary Care


Saving equines from the slaughter pipeline takes a team of compassionate and professional caregivers. PAH has the very best in veterinary care for our rescues and without them, many who come to us would not have survived!

Many come to us with pneumonia, viruses and bacterial infections. The majority have diminished immune systems and physical and emotional stress. With our veterinarians on call 24-7 we are able to save their lives right here at the sanctuary, sometimes we really do feel like heroes, it is that critical!


PAH's veterinary bill is over $25,000 per year and that is not an easy amount to raise.

Please contribute today and help us to pay our very talented and compassionate veterinarians. By becoming a PAH Veterinary Fund Contributor, 100% of your contribution will pay for veterinary care and services.


Hay for our horses!

Hay - by SueTo a horse or donkey who once was hungry, having fresh hay and a full belly is a dream come true. At Peaceful Acres Horses the rescued residents never feel hunger pains again, thanks to the generosity and compassion of people like YOU!

Peaceful Acres Horses purchases hay by the ton, and each tractor trailer load of hay weighs nearly 8 tons and costs $2500! This hay will last about 3 months, feeding breakfast, lunch and dinner to the rescues in our care. Will you please help us to purchase 2 tractor trailer loads of hay by making a contribution that not only will help PAH to fill the bellies of the rescued horses and donkeys, it will also put money into the wallets of local NY State farmers!

It's easy to help ~ Your contribution of $25 will purchase 4 bales of hay! Round it up to $100 and your contribution will purchase 16 bales - now that equals a bunch of meals for the rescues! Thank you for helping us to help the rescues to always feel full, happy and healthy!

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Thank you for your support of Peaceful Acres Horses!

Hay and Drafts Aug 2015

Horse Hugs Field Trips

Monday - Friday's from May - October Peaceful Acres Horses opens it's stable gates for field trips to schools, organizations who serve people who are "in-need", veteran's groups and seniors who wish to spend some time at the sanctuary and interacting with the horses and donkeys.
Please contact Nanci Beyerl, Founder & Executive Director to schedule your group's field trip to PAH.
518-887-3178 - office phone


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Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director of PAH

Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director of PAH has been named A Capital Hero by Capital Bank and Channel 10. Nanci was nominated by a parent whose child was served at Peaceful Acres Horses