Aero was rescued by PAH in January 2012 after being locked in a stall for five years with no fresh air to breathe, no grass to eat, no friends to play with or humans to give him love. Aero was one of three stallions that PAH rescued who were emaciated, stunted in growth and very
fearful. When Aero first got to the ranch he was not even sure how to walk outdoors! He did not know how to run and was clumsy. Aero and Guinness, his best bud, were able to run and roll and play for the first time in their lives because PAH exists to help horses!



Guinness is a young horse who was left in a stall from birth in 2007 until the PAH team arrived to rescue him in January 2012. His life for five years consisted of a filthy stall with little to eat or drink. Now Guinness is healthy, kind, willing, friendly and he loves people. Guinness and his pasture buddy Aero are looking for an adoptive home and a new guardian who will love them and care for them. They are a team and will not be separated.



Jack, as we named him in April 2012, was one of five horses who were rescued by PAH from neglect and cruelty. Our team worked with the State Police and secured the surrender of the horses. Among the horses were Jasper, Jack, JP, Judy and Jenny. They were all unable to be handled, fearful and also in very poor health. Once on site they all needed veterinary care, medications for lung disease, farrier hoof trimming and patience…and lots of love!

Thank you NY Long Term Care Brokers for sponsoring Jack!



Daisy came to Peaceful Acres from an auction in New Jersey with her baby by her side. Daisy was depressed, stressed, and malnourished due to caring for a baby in such poor conditions. Throughout her time at Peaceful Acres, Daisy has flourished into a strong-willed and happy donkey.



A Chestnut QH mare, was rescued from a dark stall where she was fading fast due to emaciation and lung disease, COPD, caused by improper care and lack of quality feed. She was surrendered to PAH by her owner. Destiny received immediate medical attention so she could breathe and also proper quality feed to nourish her emaciated body. Since her arrival she has gained back all of the weight she lost but still struggles with her COPD, even with proper medication. She is very sweet and loves being spoiled.



Summer is an off-the-track Thoroughbred from the Finger Lakes. She has a spunky attitude and is a beautiful mover. Summer tends to be a little bit rambunctious, but is the perfect project for someone looking for a challenge. She has the ability to be a wonderful horse; she just needs consistent one-on-one attention. Please let us know if you are interested in becoming Summer’s buddy sponsor! 



Snowie is an off-the-track Thoroughbred from the Finger Lakes and arrived at Peaceful Acres with Summer. Due to the scarring on her legs, it is likely that Snowie suffered an injury that ended her racing career. Snowie still has a few lessons to learn and can be a handful in the barn, but out in pasture she is a real sweetheart. With the consistent handling and attention of a sponsor she would really flourish.



An Appaloosa that came to PAH in April 2012 with her mother Judy. Both were extremely fearful and aggressive when they arrived, but with the compassion and patience of our staff and volunteers they have made a tremendous recovery. She also suffered from chronic founder, a condition that causes the coffin bone in the hoof to rotate through the sole of the hoof. Jenny now greets everyone who enters the barn with a joyous whinny and pokes her head though the stall window as if to say “Hey Guys!” She began her training in Feburary of 2013 and is becoming a fantastic riding horse!



A young horse that was rescued from a hoarding situation in Feburary 2012. He was very fearful because of the neglect he suffered during the first 5 years of his life. He has blossomed since he arrived at PAH by being the playful little brother figure to Aero and Guinness. The class clown- he gets volunteers laughing by picking up anything he can get to and carrying it around, such as cones, feed dishes, and grooming brushes.



Stella came to us from a very unique situation. She arrived from another rescue that needed to close down and rehome their horses. Stella is very sweet and easy to handle.



Zippy is a QH who has done amazing work with kids and adults in our programs. Zippy is a very well know EGEL horse here at Peaceful Acres, adults and children alike fall in love with his distinct and funny personality. Zip also rehabilitates his fellow equines, including Little Bit and Wyatt. Zip became dad to them when they came to PAH from neglect, emaciation and physical deformity. Both have recovered and are now amazing partners in our EGEL programs!



Tonka is a 40-year-old rescued horse who has been living at The High Point pasture at the PAH Ranch since 2008. He is a horse with great wisdom, kindness and steadfast determination to care for himself and his herd buddies. He is a teacher, healer, best friend and guide to all who meet him and love him.


Pokka and Blaze

These handsome boys are both rescued PMU foals – PMU foals are the result of the medical industry keeping mares pregnant in order to harvest the hormones created during the pregnancy. The foals are often unneeded and unwanted. Both of these loving and playful boys are amazing EGEL partners at the sanctuary!



She came with her daughter Jenny and they were both suffering from chronic founder, a condition that causes the coffin bone in the hoof to rotate through the sole of the hoof. This is excruciatingly painful and can cause death for many horses who suffer from it. At PAH we work with a great team of veterinarians, natural hoof trimmers and Nutrena Feeds to rehabilitate and eliminate pain in horses suffering from chronic founder. When they were rescued, they could not even be handled. Now both horses are thriving!



Romeo was rescued from a neglect case in February 2012. Romeo was nervous, emaciated and suffered from chronic founder. Today Romeo is doing great! Romeo has several pasture buddies and is in great health.



Winston was saved from a kill-pen. He is now enjoying his freedom and safety at Peaceful Acres Horses. Winston is a PAH EGEL partner. He is looking for a Buddy sponsor!

Welcome to Peaceful Acres Horses

Let your spirit run free

The horses at Peaceful Acres are rescued from abandonment, neglect and abuse. Others are retired by their owners to come live in sanctuary at Peaceful Acres.

The horses are rehabilitated emotionally and physically to become partners in equine assisted learning and psychotherapy programs for youth, adults, couples and families. The horses become people’s guides to healing emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

Peaceful Acres Horses offers Nature Based Learning and Equine Guided Experiential Learning that assist in alleviating anxiety, depression, panic, fear and hopelessness. Our programs are found to improve self-esteem, emotional regulation, communication, focus, recognition of boundaries and enhanced quality of life.

If you are a woman surpassing a cancer diagnosis or veteran please join us for a wellness and rejuvenation retreat weekend that is designed especially for you.


You will experience the peace of our nature based environment, equine guided experiential learning activities, Reiki, yoga, guided meditation, nutritious vegetarian meals and facilitators who are kind and compassionate.

Yoga in the yurtRetreats are offered at Peaceful Acres Horses from May – October.

We begin our rejuvenation retreats on Fridays at 3:00 and conclude on Sundays at 3:00.




PAH is paradise Wellness and Rejuvenation dates for 2014 will be listed on our Event Calendar and Facebook page.

You will experience:

  • Equine Guided Experiential Learning and Dancing with Horses
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Meditation
  • Aucu – yoga
  • Nutritional meals
  • Healing by Way of The Horse- facilitated by Nanci Beyerl, MSW and Avis Burnett, PhD.


You can learn more about PAH by opening our book- meet the horses, hear their stories and get a feel for why people love and support PAH


Capital Hero pic croppedNanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director of PAH has been named A Capital Hero by Capital Bank and Channel 10. Nanci was nominated by a parent whose child was served at Peaceful Acres Horses