Reasons to be a Peaceful Acres Volunteer

  1. The Animals: PAH has horses and donkeys who have all at one time fallen on hard times due to neglect, abuse, abandonment and / or hoarding. Many of our horses have been surrendered to PAH through our intervention and first response team (we work with The SPCA and Police)! Our volunteers learn how to rehabilitate the horses physically and emotionally! You have to see the results of the care they receive!
  2. Volunteering at PAH is good for the body and mind: Our stable and horse helpers quickly realize that being in the barn helps them to tone up, lose weight, become pah volunteersactive and energized and they feel happy and at peace with the horses and on the 156 acre ranch. It becomes like a social club without the stigma of having to have nice cloths and hair and make-up done!
  3. The People: PAH has the BEST volunteers! The ranch becomes a social setting for many and a place they meet new people and develop close bonds while helping to heal the horses. The people at the ranch are accepting, non- judgmental and friendly! PAH is not a show or competition barn – it is all about the horses healing here and we maintain a peaceful environment for them.
  4. Variety of jobs: We need people to help with daily stable and horse care, including cleaning stalls, feeding, moving hay and grooming horses. We need horse handlers – ideal for College Interns or people who love horses, had a horse at one time and want to reconnect with what they loved. We need administrative help: fundraisers, grant writers, office organizers. Maintenance – there is a lot of maintenance here on our 156 acre ranch – we need people to help with snow removal, grass mowing, trimming, garden work and tractor work.


Specific needs:

  • Adults to help with feeding, stable care and horse handling. Seven days a week!


  • Program Assistants – people who can assist in programs as equine specialists within the afternoon programs 3pm-6pm Tuesday through Friday and Saturday
  • College Student Interns can serve their field placement hours at PAH. Ideal for Equine Studies, PreVet, Social Work, Special Ed, Recreational Ed.
  • Adults to help with Fundraising, Maintenance, Horse Buddy Program and Event Planning

The fact is… we need YOU! Peaceful Acres Horses was named the Small Not For Profit of the year in 2010 because our volunteers make it happen ~ it is through our volunteers that horses and humans are being healed to have a better quality of life.



For the safety and security of both the horses and the people it is necessary for Peaceful Acres Horses, Inc., staff to set a specific time for visitors to come to the ranch. If you would like to be introduced to the programs and information that Peaceful Acres provides to both equines and people, please contact us at 518/887-3178 or nanci@peacefulacreshorses.com to arrange a time.

Click Here For The Volunteer application

Peaceful Acres Horses is a volunteer run organization, your time and commitment to us is extremely valuable. PAH is looking to secure adult volunteers, 18+ to assist with stable care, horse care and rehabilitation, administration, event planning, fundraising and community relations.

Volunteer Application Processing Contact: Nanci@peacefulacreshorses.com 


Ed W and Apache Nov 1 2015Please Note: All volunteer applications should be completed and mailed to:

Peaceful Acres Horses
3740 Rynex Corners Rd.
Pattersonville, NY 12137

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.